What is CountCMS?

CountCMS is the most comprehensive church management software. Yet it is very simple. No system that looks so simple does so much! If you have been looking for the right system, look no more. Your time is valuable

CountCMS helps your church manage and make effective use of church data including member’s statistics, contacts and transfers, records administration and church finances.

CountCMS lets you spend less time on book keeping / administration and more time serving the needs of your church and community.

CountCMS is web-based church software so it works on any computer with an Internet connection including those running Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

CountCMS is a normalized relational database that enables this powerful system to function efficiently, free from database or data corruption. Its modern architecture enables fast processing, with minimal overhead on computers and networks. This native Windows church management software uses standard Windows keystrokes and protocols, making its intuitive user interface easy to learn.

CountCMS has two main modules

·    A real-time web-based electronic system that manages local church records and then produces accurate and reliable membership statistics [ón demand] at all levels of the church. The administration members records, church structures, church records, member transfers and general church administration is done online through secure web interface.


·       A real-time web-based electronic system that automates all local church treasury functions. The processing of church budgets, church expenditure, receipting of members, production of financial reports and remission of trust funds to the conference is done in a secure web environment.


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